About Us


Today’s greatest threat to our planet is plastic pollution. From the oceans to the urban landfills, the ever-increasing plastic footprint is a serious hazard to all forms of life. To counter this crisis, we have to think and act as one. We have to be the positive change we want to experience tomorrow.  

At Satva we are working towards a better future. We aim to provide you the best quality disposable biodegradable tableware with zero impact on the environment. Our quality product range made from paper, areca leaves, baggasse or sugercane pulp and other biodegradables completely addresses all your needs and even helps you make a positive impact on the environment as you use them.

Now enjoy the convenience and also get a chance to protect and parent your environment!


Plastic disposables are a disaster because they are not disposable by design. Disposables need to be hygienic to us and our environment. Every year eight metric tonnes of plastic goes into the ocean. Over 1,00,000 marine creatures die annually due to plastic entanglement and digestion. There may be already 150 million tonnes of plastic in the ocean based on the annual estimated leakage since 1950.

Why read those statistics on how many times diaper waste could circle the earth or how many plastic bottles exist per unit of marine fish, if we don’t take measures to mitigate the environmental threat.